Health & Safety - GEORGE HOUSE

George House is committed to protecting the health & safety of all its emlpoyees and its clients and collaborators. We strive to create a safe working environment in which no one is harmed. We are committed to:

• Developing a positive culture relating to health & safety

• Communicating and engaging with our employees, members and suppliers to ensure everyone understands how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy

• Providing adequate resources for the management of health and safety

• Ensuring emergency procedures are in place at all locations

• Removing any risk where possible and managing the risks that remain through effective risk management

• Encouraging our employees to identify and report hazards

• Providing appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision

• Maintaining our premises, plant, equipment and systems to be compliant to industry standards

• Adhering to relevant legislation and adopting appropriate best practice

• Engaging competent contractors who demonstrate high levels of health and safety compliance and accreditation

Our Health and Safety Policy will be revised as necessary to reflect changes to legislation.